Beach Dog Potty

 Beach Dog Potty  Services: Beach Dog Potty offers sod service for your Pooch Potty box, full service and self-install.

Full Service- we remove old sod, clean out, disinfect the box & install fresh sod.

Self Install- we deliver fresh sod and gloves weekly to your doorstep, you change & clean your own box.


*Conditions for Full Service: you must protect your box from rain,

pick up feces daily & have your box cleaned weekly.

* Small, Medium and Large prices are based on if we are servicing a Pooch Potty box that you own.  Small (2' x 4'), Medium (4' x 4'), Large (4' x 6').  If you own another dog potty box that is a different size, please ask us for a quote on what it would cost for weekly service for your box.  

 Full service-(prices are per delivery)

                  Full Service

Small              $49

Medium          $62

Large              $75

Self Install-(prices are per delivery)

               Self Install

Small           $27

Medium       $35

Large           $45

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