Beach Dog Potty

Beach Dog Potty offers you the best sod in California. It does not compare to the sod you get in your nearest nursery nor what other companies offer you. Try us out and compare us to others, so you can see the difference.

 We are the only company in L.A that offers you the freshest,improved and elite pure blue light blend, dense,with elegant appearance sod to you weekly. Giving you the choice of full service or self-install.

Our sod is light with only a 1/2 inch of compressed soil with no loose dirt.

 Our sod is customize for one piece to fit exactly a small Pooch Potty box, two pieces a medium box, and three pieces a large box.

  As far as our "competitors" offering the following:

 1. Synthetic grass which smells like pee after only one day, unless you wash it thoroughly everyday with a disinfectant and odor eliminator .(And yes dogs know the difference between imitation and real grass)

  2. There is potty boxes that use synthetic grass as-well but when your dog pees, it goes down to the bottom of the box, where there's a tray with pee that has to be emptied out constantly.(It gets messy and stinky)

  3.  Other companies have a potty box with synthetic grass that contains a drainage and a water sprinkler system that washes off the pee and drains it out. (What they fail to mention is that it takes more than water to kill the bacteria, germs, and bad odor off the synthetic grass. They also don't tell you how the urine accumulates in the box and drains causing bacteria to buildup. )

  4. Some companies only offer self-install 2 times a month not giving you the option of full service. The sod they offer is the worse sod you can purchased. The bottom of the sod is about 3-4 inches thick of loose dirt,making it extremely messy and heavy for you to change.



This is our sod.

 This is the competitors sod.(pictures below)


There is no sod that will last more than one   week. It dies because of the urine. 

Potty boxes with drainage system, trays, pans underneath them have been known for leaks, spills and bacteria build up attracting flies.

Which sod looks better? 

Every potty box needs to be disinfected and clean thoroughly at least  once a week to protect your dogs health. 

The company Pooch Potty is the original dog potty, in business since 1994.

You be the judge.

  Thick and messy.

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